Capacity Building Lab

The rationale behind refugee integration is for them to strengthen their skills, obtain language proficiency, and get involved in different forms of creative expression. The Capacity Building Lab based at Serafio of City of Athens hosts empowering workshops, under the academic and research supervision of the teaching staff of the University of Athens.

The Capacity Building Lab will provide:

  • Greek learning courses as a second language, on different proficiency levels, through the use of innovative teaching methods, such as experiential learning, problem-based learning, and literacy development

  • English learning courses

  • beginners and advanced ICT courses aiming to promote communication skills and create professional opportunities

  • audiovisual expression and creativity workshops (photography, animation, creative recording, video-art, digital-art etc.), enhancing participants’ true potential, cultivating their creativity and co-working skills, as well as also helping them express emotionally  

  • workshops for cultural mediators who will act as ambassadors, bringing together refugees and local communities.

All of the above aim at empowering the refugee population. Secondly, the focus lies on creating educational material for language proficiency in both Greek and English, adapted to the needs of this particular group, as well as developing a mediation methodology.

The Capacity Building Lab also provides psychosocial support services by psychologists and social workers and legal advising from the Hellenic League for Human Rights, in regard to the rights and obligations of refugees.