Neighbourhoods’ Activities

Aiming to mobilize the participants of Curing The Limbo and encourage their organic integration in the life of the city, synAthina cooperates with civil society actors which are already addressing modern urban challenges and co-designs a series of participatory activities. Through these activities, the beneficiaries have the opportunity to interact with the citizens of Athens, get acquainted with its neighborhoods and cultivate their skills, while contributing to the overall improvement of the quality of life in the city.

The concept and planning of these activities is based on the actual needs of the city, as they emerge though a research process in the neighborhoods of Athens, as well as through the assessment of skills and needs expressed by those who participate in the program.

Through the connection of refugees with the active citizens of Athens, an exchange model is developed, producing benefits for both the participants and the city itself. The transformation of these participatory activities into solid and practicable forms of social entrepreneurship is the lever that leads participants to autonomy of contributes to the city's resilience.